• Cover New Ground in Compact Trailers

    For many travellers across the globe, the trick to having a big adventure is a small camper. Teardrop or squaredrop campers have grown in popularity as more and more people want the comforts of home without the larger footprint of an RV or motorhome. So how do you get both? 

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    Cover New Ground in Compact Trailers
  • The Westyman

    For many year Propex was represented in the USA by Westy Ventures. His technical understanding of the products ensured first class support at a local level.  This mantle has now been passed on to Van Cafe in Fort Collins CO.   970.310.3441

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    The Westyman
  • Sure Marine Service

    Seattle based Sure Marine Service supply and service heating, cooling, and galley equipment for small boats to large mega yachts.

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    Sure Marine Service
  • Introducing Propex North America

    Howdy! A warm welcome to the hot new website for Propex North America. We’ll help you find the ideal furnace or hot water heater for your needs.
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    Introducing Propex North America

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